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At Fritz Porter we love bringing you not only the most unique pieces to add to your collection, but the brands that value craftsmanship, fair labor practices and quality materials. We’re never just looking the most exclusive or expensive, but for the lines that value the livelihood of the craft industry and strive for creativity. Let’s take a look at some swoon-worthy lines that have stolen our hearts.  

Deepa Gurnani

Deepa Gurnani’s purpose is to preserve and refine the storied craft of Indian hand embroidery. In doing so, they strive to enrich the livelihood of their Karigars by adopting fair trade practices and ensuring safe working conditions. They strive to produce the finest hand crafted accessories using responsible and ethical methods. They believe the Earth is sacred and will implement responsible methods to preserve and protect the environment. Altruistic endeavors are at the forefront of our mission and we continue to commit a portion of our profits to charitable causes. We aim to contribute to a better world while safeguarding the cultural heritage of Indian embroidery.

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CŌG merges artistic disciplines with sustainable materials to create an evolving line of nature inspired, fiber-based jewelry and objects for humans and home. Jen Cogliantry is the designer behind CŌG. Her evolving collections of faceted rings, dimensional necklaces, statement earrings and textural bracelets as well as her sculptural wall pieces evoke a sense of quiet endurance. All pieces are made to order in from her studio in Brooklyn.Her love of textile design, adornment and a fascination with the work of fiber artists Sheila Hicks and sculptor Eva Hesse, inspired her to launch COG in 2018.

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Chan Luu

Started in 1996, Vietnamese-born designer Chan Luu founded the brand as a passion project after a long career in retail. From her early days making jewelry in her garage, the brand grew to encompass cashmere, fine jewelry and a men's line. Throughout its history, Chan has championed artisan craftsmanship and the support of fair labor practices, and her efforts have been recognized by the United Nations. Their designs reflect a love for natural yet refined forms and made from a well-traveled, spirited view.

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Bleecker & Prince

Designed by Leehe Segal, Bleecker & Prince is named after two iconic streets in New York: Bleecker with its sense of heritage and imperfect laid-back air and Prince with its modern contemporary feel, tucked behind the main streets of Soho. The collection is bold and colorful with touches of edge, featuring natural stones hand carved into whimsical bubbles and enchanted donuts.

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Jenny Bird

A self-taught designer, founder Jenny Bird is passionate about growing a female-led business, which has seen explosive growth since the brand’s inception in 2008. At Jenny Bird, it is of the utmost importance to us that their products are sourced and manufactured responsibly. One of their brand values is to be conscious through all aspects of the business, and as such, they believe it is their responsibility to be socially conscious, global citizens in how they carry out their business.

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Caroline Waggoner

Meet our resident gemologist, Caroline Waggoner Hautt. Since 1998 Caroline has specialized in buying and selling fine and estate jewelry. She is also an expert in private sales such as engagement rings, appraisals, custom designs (remaking pieces), and repairs. Her collection of fine jewels, along with her appraisal and design services, are currently available through Fritz Porter.

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Emilie Sharpio

Emilie grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, where water has always been her constant and her inspiration. She comes from a long line of creative entrepreneurs, inventors, and free spirits who have encouraged her to explore many different mediums throughout her artistic life. Emilie uses the ancient craft of lost wax casting which dates back to the Egyptians, wherein she carves sculptural pieces into hard wax and casts them into metal. Rough gemstones are incorporated into her work as a celebration of the beauty of natural imperfection. All production and resources are kept as local as possible, and every piece is handmade in Emilie’s studio in New York City.

Vintage photo collage with modern rings.
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