The Thanksgiving Edit: Set the Table

Collage of Thanksgiving Table with Fritz Porter Items

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Setting the perfect atmosphere is the key to putting on a fabulous soirée, with family and friends. For Thanksgiving, it all starts with the table. While the turkey and fixings might take center stage, a tablescape dressed to impress your guests should never be forgotten, and best of all it can dress up (disguise) any of your less-than-perfect dishes. We've got your table covered with our curated tablescape edit. 

Thanksgiving tablescape collage with cranberry sauce

Eat, Drink and Cranberry

Our tip for making cranberry sauce from a can feel more elegant? Make your table a showstopper. 

Thanksgiving tablescape collage with wine

Turkey, Wine and Feeling Fine

As long as you have wine Thanksgiving will be fine, but why not take it step further with a tablescape set perfectly for your favorite bottle (or two). Cheers! 

Thanksgiving tablescape collage with pumpkin pie

Let’s Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About

With a table set like this, you’re homemade pumpkin pie won’t be the only thing your guests will talk about. 

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