Lavender Simple Syrup

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Use this Lavender Simple Syrup from Los Poblanos instead of plain sugar or regular simple syrup anywhere you want to add a hint of floral flavor and sweetness. This just-sweet-enough syrup has a clean, almost perfume-like aroma; it tastes of real lavender, without becoming overpowering, cloying, or soapy. New Mexico-based Los Poblanos, a historic inn, and organic farm, has been growing hybrid Grosso lavender since 1999, which is an ideal match for the local climate and soil. Their team steam distills the lavender buds on its property, using the super-pure essential oil for a line of artisanal products. This syrup includes zero artificial flavors or aromas in its formulation, just three real ingredients: cane sugar, water, and organic lavender. Try a splash of syrup in lemonade or cocktails, drizzle over pancakes or use to glaze cakes.

Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Organic Lavender

Brush shortbread dough with lavender syrup before sprinkling with sugar and baking; brush over cake layers before icing, or drizzle over pound cakes. Add a teaspoon or two to whipped cream, meringue or icing. Stir into lemonade, limeade, cocktails, iced tea or coffee substitute 1:1 anywhere you would use a simple syrup.

Refrigerate after opening.

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